Using Google Docs to stay Organized

I’ve recently been turned onto using Google Docs (Documents) to stay organized, and it’s made a world of a difference. This may seem like a weird post for me to write, but seeing as how it helps me stay organized, it’s worth a share. Google Docs is one of Googles’s many useful branches (like Google+, GMail, and Google Maps to name a few,) that keeps files you create in the “cloud” of the internet. You can log into your own Google account, (easily created under Google’s homepage,) hit the “Documents” tab at the top, and create word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, drawings, and tables.  There aren’t as many editing options as with Microsoft Office, but it’s still nice and basic for writing notes, papers, and doing things for work that you can get done on your home computer, and then pull up at any time, from any computer, without having to save it on a flash drive to transfer. I may sound like i’m pumping up Google right now, but, well, I am. I have all of my usernames and passwords for websites saved into a spreadsheet, and anytime I need to go into a website, I can just log into Google from anywhere, and pull up how to get in. I don’t want to write it down on paper, seeing as how I’m paranoid and someone might want my Etsy password so they can buy a little handbag made from recycled tires. Hey, we all have our own little things we do. I also use it to write my autobiography. That way I can pick it up from any laptop or computer if mine happens to die, or break. It’s great for papers for college students, (no excuses for losing anything!) and bloggers like me. Using Google Docs, I won’t loose everything if I don’t remember to back it up.

Not bad, huh? Happy writing!



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