Guest Post: A Green Home is Easier than you Think

 A Green Home is Easier than you Think- by Brianna Perkle

While I very much want to have a green home, I’ve sometimes been confused and a little flustered about the best ways to make it happen. I’m not super-organized, and I didn’t want the effort to take over my life. Luckily there are lots of ideas that are just a few clicks away.One of the simplest things to do is recycle. It was easy to set up bins to separate each type of recycling as I went along, and trash day has become a breeze. On the flip side, I also try to buy things with containers made of post-consumer recycled products.The inside of my house has been “re-energized” with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and tighter seals around windows and doors to prevent excess energy usage.

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When I remodel my kitchen in the coming months, the focus will definitely be on green alternatives. I’m replacing the lot—dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and stove—and the new versions will all have an energy star label. This means they’ll use less energy while still providing me with excellent results.

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Green cleaning products can now be found in almost every major grocery store. These new cleaners not only keep toxins out of the environment but out of my lungs as I use them. Those with asthma or other breathing issues find this especially helpful.

In my search to be live green, I found many other ideas that are simple and easy to accomplish.

  • Buy USDA Certified Organic coffee. This means it has been grown with sustainability in mind.
  • Put your computer in sleep mode if you’ll be away for more than 20 minutes, or set it up to automatically sleep after that much time.
  • Bring your own bags when shopping. Some retailers will now pay you for not leaving with one of their plastic bags.
  • Plug your electronics into an energy-efficient power strip, and shut the strip off at night to prevent a constant energy drain.
  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. You’ll reduce the amount of wasted water and lower your water bill.

It takes some thought and effort to have a green home, but it’s not difficult and the results will have an impact for generations to come. Start with a few small steps and let the good feelings push you to do more. If I can be green, anyone can!


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Green Home is Easier than you Think

  1. Appliances are the major part of our routine life and the energy efficiency of their matters lot . It is good about the trend of technology going towards making green products and energy efficient equipments.

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