Making Sweet Green Tea

I was looking in the refrigerator this morning when I was making my eggs for something to drink, and seeing as how I haven’t grocery shopped in a while, there was nothing but month old chocolate milk, skim soy milk, and a 2 liter of root beer. Not exactly what I wanted for breakfast. I crave juice in the morning or some other clear liquid. Then a voice came into my head. Maybe it is all of the Billie Holiday I’ve been listening to lately. It said “make some sweet tea and keep it in the fridge.” Genius! I looked all over the interwebs, I didn’t want to mess this up. I took tips from a few places, (one from a site called Hillbilly Housewife) and here’s what I came up with:

You’ll need:

  • 4-8 tea bags
  • 2 qts of water
  • a 2 qt pitcher
  • 3/4 cup sugar or 1/4 cup honey
  • a thirst for delicious tea

First fill a 2 Qt pitcher 3/4 the way with water and pour it into a pot on the stove. Bring the water to a simmer at medium heat. Add your teabags, anywhere from 4-8 of them. You can use black tea, or green. Or hey, get crazy and use some kind of mango/peach/pineapple. It’s your tea. I added 5 bags because I don’t like my tea too strong.

I have a varied collection of random teas to choose from…

…and as you can see my cabinet is in no short supply of teas.

This was my choice, because there were only 3 bags left in here. I added 2 of the Lipton Green Tea bags for extra oomph.

After you add the bags to the hot water, take the pot off of the heated coil and let simmer for 10 minutes. No more, or less. Any longer and you can let the bitterness of the tea seep into your mix and it will taste tart and not very good. Scoop those bags out and toss them without squeezing them, so your tea will be less foggy.

I set aside 3/4 cup of raw sugar for my sweetner. You can use 1/4 cup honey if you like. I like the raw sugar, since the regular stuff tends to a.) not be as healthy and b.) build up in my throat and give me a throat clearing cough like i’m trying to get everyone’s attention. Which I’m not.

Next you want to put 1/4 of a pitcher of cold water aside. Once your tea is done steeping, go ahead and carefully pour the hot tea into the cold water. It will keep the pitcher from getting all melty and break up the strength of the tea. You can then add your sugar of honey, and give it a good long stir till everything is dissolved.

And you’re done! You can go ahead and put it in the fridge to cool, or you can pour it over ice right away. That will dissolve your ice pretty fast, and possibly dilute your tea, so I suggest putting it into the fridge. This is my favorite pitcher to use, it has a built in stirrer! And, if you like Arizona Tea, you’ll be sure to like this tea as well. Perfect for hot summer days.

Happy Brewing!


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