Recycled Pallet Furniture: Take 2

I’ve posted before about Recycled Pallet Furniture, and I just keep seeing more and more awesome Ideas that I want to share. I also wanted to re-share the facts: that I thought these little wood platforms were re-used by companies over and over again, but little did I know, at least 150,000 of them are thrown into a landfill each year. Some are made of wood that are hard to work with, but some are made of good old fashioned oak. You can get tools to pull apart the pallets specially, like a large crowbar, or you can get a Sawzall and saw it apart nail by nail.

This outdoor table was simple, made with 2 fully assembled pallets, stained, and some casters were added.

I love this “love” headboard from Little Inspiration’s website. It seems simple too. Cut to size, attach along the back with vertical strips of the pallet, attach brackets for the wall, and paing saying of your choice to the front. I suggest purchasing a hand sander for this one.

This little cat bed is adorable. You can make a little dog bed too.

There is plenty of room for magazines (and oh, I have plenty) in this coffee table.

This cushioned and painted pallet ottoman from Apartment Therapy isn’t too shabby.

What? Wow. This would take a little more work, but it’s awesome.

 I can see this bike rack working in the right kind of Urban apartment.

This is definitely an interesting application for wood pallets.

This movie theater setting for pallets is pretty awesome. I couldn’t find the link from Pinterest, just the picture. I’m guessing you would need 12 pallets, a bunch of futon mattresses, white paint, long screws, and tons of pillows.

Why not take some old pallets and turn it into a cool piece of wall art?

Next time you see a pallet on the side of the road, think twice, and create something awesome!

Happy Upcycling!


5 thoughts on “Recycled Pallet Furniture: Take 2

  1. To date, I have built a coffee table, a patio table, a computer desk a some pantry shelves with recycled pallets. Taking them apart is, by far, the most difficult part of the process. To make the computer desk I needed two pallets and I only used four boards/slats for the top. The coffee table took three pallets to make but even my teenager and three-year old twins haven’t been able to damage it in any way. I am looking forward to seeing what else I might be able to build….and maybe sell…using reclaimed pallets.

    1. Are there any magazines out there that specifically target reclaimed furniture? I am becoming very interested in building furniture from reclaimed pallets. I am about to begin my first project which is an outdoor dining table. I have downloaded many pictures of various pieces of furniture, but I would like to find something out there that may have design plans and articles about reclaimed furniture.

      1. Not that I’m aware of. I know that a lot of magazines like to do articles on re-claimed projects though. I would just try to do an internet search for what you are looking for (which I’m sure you have). Best of luck to you! Fine seems to be one with some plans on it.

  2. Hello there… I have been building many diffrent types of furniture using reclaimed pallets. My new website will be opening soon to the internet and I have about twenty Items so far that I will publish. I do however have quite a few more that I am working on and furniture that is drying and awaiting there place to be added to my buisness site. I wish everyone the best out there that is attempting to use the reclaimed pallets as part of there decorating needs. Please feel free to check out my website in about a week…. You can find it by going to–

    Just an FYI: Those that are attempting to take apart pallets, try using a sawzall with a bi-maedal blade. Works like a charm!! Good luck.

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