Daydreaming of: Rooftops

Ever since I was little I’ve loved the idea of sitting in a window late at night with a cup of tea and looking over rows of moonlit rooftops. I know you can only accomplish this from a higher level in a building, and typically in a bigger city. Maybe I should just do a painting of rooftops, and hang them all over the place, so I always have one to look at. Here’s a few of my favorites.

 I completely blame movies like 101 Dalmations, Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins for my love of rooftops.

Mary Poppins,

… and Peter Pan.

I would love to see this out of my window. Especially at night.

This is a sketch I saw on Etsy one time. I love this style of house. Chicago? London? Paris? I would go to any of those places.

This picture from one of my favorite Paris Blogs, Prêt à Voyager, has tips and tricks on relocating to and living in Paris.

Paris, again. So much to see!

This rooftop is absolutely lovely.

I found this one on Paris’s Craigslist posting about an apartment. It was advertised as “this could be the view out of your window!” Not too shabby.

Maybe someday I will find an apartment with a rooftop where I can have my tea, look out over the neighbors, and read a book.

Happy Daydreaming!


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