Travel: The Homy Inn in Omaha, Nebraska

Looking back today on a trip we took almost a year ago to Omaha Nebraska, one of my favorite places was the Homy Inn in Omaha Nebraska. Not an actual Inn, but a dive bar on a side street, where the champagne flowed on tap, the salty popcorn was free, and newspapers chronicling past events were plastered on the walls like newspaper. If you are in the neighborhood, I recommend it.

The Homy Inn, where champagne dreams come true.

Old beer trays were screwed to the ceiling displaying some of our favorites.

The deer head on the wall was styling with a red wig and hat.

Panorama of the bar that shows of it’s ambiance of being a fantastic little dive bar. Image Credit.

While we were there, some genius sprayed himself in the eyes with some girl’s keychain pepper spray, while sitting by the open front door and in turn, slowly pepper sprayed the rest of us in the bar. That’s one way to clear a place out. Well, at least we drank a pitcher of champagne first.

Happy travels!


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