Home Made Bubble Magnets

I saw an awesome post on Pinterest a while ago that prompted me to want to make these cool marble magnets, and sell them on Etsy. I still don’t have an Etsy store, i’m building my inventory first.

My inspiration for the project from Not Martha.

You’ll want to get marbles like this from the floral section of the craft store. Cost was $2.99.

I got these 3/4″ round magnets. I also got 1/2″ ones, they work ok, but the strength of the bigger ones makes me feel better about what i’m putting on the fridge. Make sure you wipe them off with a dry or damp towel before using them, and let them dry. They will leave black smudges on your fridge otherwise. The cost was $6.99.

This stuff is AWESOME. I got it at Hobby Lobby. It’s clear silicone glue made for glass. I’m convinced this is the only glue that will work for the project. The cost was about $6.

So you’ll want to find some images out of magazines that will fit on a magnet. (Ignore my bad nailpolish) You can cut the image just a little smaller than the magnet, then you won’t have to trim it down after you glue it. I didn’t have any problems with pictures becoming transparent, which I was worried about.

  • Cut the image out just a little smaller than the magnet. You can trace the image with a pen or pencil around the magnet.
  • Put a little dab of the glue on the magnet with a toothpick, about the size of a piece of cous cous or a lentil bean. Spread the glue around.
  • Place the magazine picture onto your magnet, pressing down lightly to distribute the glue.
  • Find a marble big enough to cover your magnet, (they aren’t perfect circles, and some ovals didn’t cover the magnet completely.)
  • Put a dab of glue on the magnet with the picture on it, again the size of a lentil. Not Martha give great instruction with photos, I recommend checking it out. Sometimes I get caught up in the moment of the crafting and forget to snap pictures.
  • Smoosh the marble onto the magnet, in circles, back and forth, until your image comes out clear. This is the fun part.
  • Set your magnet aside to dry, make sure not to set the magnets too close together, or they will just slide towards one another.
  • Let dry overnight, and you’ve got yourself awesome little bubble magnets.

Here’s a set of my finished magnets. I found little pictures of iconic women, like Rosalind Russell, Jayne Mansfield, and Marilyn Monroe. The camera doesn’t like to take pictures of the magnets, because it wants to focus on the marble, not the image underneath.

You can find images of almost anything small enough to fit on magnets. You can give them as gifts in little tins or boxes. For about $16 you can make a ton of magnets. It’s an innexpensive little project. Have fun with it!


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