Ikea Kitchens: Worth It?

The store Ikea has always been a “Happy Place” for me. When I lived in California I would go to Ikea when I was sad or lonely for home and wander the isles oohing and aahing at the adorable and perfect displays. The pink walls that I wouldn’t dare to paint, the giant light globes and little square coffee tables. I was surprised that amongst the bargains they had kitchens too. Were they as cheap as the rest of the store? I was hoping that Ikea wouldn’t make flimsy pre-fab cabinets that any Joe could have build with some wood and hinges. But alas, they were amazing cabinets with attachments, and roll out sliding drawers that didn’t slam shut, shiny dent proof door fronts and huge pantries. Of course they can cost a little more than the average cabinet. They ARE more than the average cabinet. Questioning the construction? Check out this Ikea link on Debunking the Myths of their cabinets.

Turn your kitchen old into a new gourmet kitchen.

Their cheapest white sink base is only $53, with it’s little metal feet and basic square shape. That’s cheaper than an unfinished oak cabinet at your local box home improvement store. Their most pricy is around $337 with swing out shelves, faux wood front and silver legs. That’s top of the line, seeing that a 10 linear foot AKURUM kitchen can only be $859. For a new kitchen, that’s a steal. Ikea also has a ton of sorters and organizers to turn the even most basic cabinet into a clean, easy to find machine.

Gorgeous white Ikea kitchen cabinets.

According to reviews on Apartment Therapy, Ikea cabinets are worth the money, and the best looking for a small budget, and after your renovation, you can use the money you save on fantastic Energy Star appliances and stone counter tops. Why not give it a try?

I would live in here in a heartbeat.

I would recommend driving to the Ikea with a friend, and 2 big vehicles to pick out and pick up your goodies. You can meet with a kitchen expert who can help you order your kitchen and all of it’s components. They also offer measurement, delivery and installation services. While you’re there get your kids some stuffed animals, and have some lunch. It’s like a toy store, for an adult.

Happy renovating!


9 thoughts on “Ikea Kitchens: Worth It?

  1. I might be biased since I am a Swede but IKEA really is very good deal! Me and my hubbie got a kitchen including the machines for under $6000 when we renovated our tiny apartment in Stockholm. (But I don’t agree with you on the store being great for the mood.. I hate the shopping but love the products. Too many people in the way for my shopping bonanza.)

    Thanks for a lovely blog!

  2. My husband and I will be re-doing our kitchen. After visiting several smaller specialty stores, then Home Depot and Lowe’s we went to IKEA. You just cannot beat their prices. I was concerned about the quality, as the old adage goes “you get what you pay for”, but in all of my online searches, people consistently report that they are happy years later. I think we may just go with IKEA after all!

    Thanks for the post.

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