Organized Inspiration

Ah, blogging from bed. I guess that’s the joy of entrepreneurship. You make your own schedule! My schedule needs to be tamed though, or i’ll just keep doing this… Sleeping in, drinking coffee, staying up till 2am. But honestly, I was giving myself 2 day to be lazy, gather my thoughts, get a game plan, then get cracking! Why? Because I just came out of a full time job and am now following my heart’s desires and I deserve a few days of being me. Ok, back to the grind…

I’ve always believed that being organized leads to motivation, and tones down stress in a person. When you know where all of your things are, your laundry and dishes are clean, the floor is vacuumed (ok, these have to do with being clean) but it’s also a huge part of feeling motivated, because you spent the time cleaning up, and can now go conquer the world! I want to help you conquer the world. For real.

One way you can get organized is to pull everything out of your closets, and only put back what you use on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. Go ahead and donate or throw away the rest. This closet is a shining example of what we all dream a closet should look like. It’s labeled. There are towel bars INSIDE the door. Baskets for products that are used daily. It’s not a dream, it’s easy to do.

In school areas like this were referred to as “Landing Zones.” It’s the place you come through the door into your home, where you set your purse, your coat, your boots. If this area is clean and organized, your morning routine will be cut down by minutes. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but when you are rushing, minutes are valuable.

Is this a dream? No. You aren’t dreaming. You can have an office like this, and for little money too. The white bookcase can be found at Ikea for under $200. You can store all of your papers, books, and little accessories in it to keep your desk clean, and clutter out of sight. Floating shelves are easy to find at any home decor store, and you can get an adorable lamp at Target or TJ Max for under $50. So go for it, turn that spare room into the office you’ve always wanted!

I love this little painting area. I am a huge fan of crafting, sewing, painting, and other fun DIY projects. My craft area at home is a little… cramped. If it were only clean, things were organized and easy to get to. Maybe I would craft more. Hence my theory that being organized leads to motivation.

Happy Organizing!


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