Daydreaming of an Adventure

I’m sitting here in a house that i’m watching for some clients (it comes equipt with 2 teenagers!) and I’m daydreaming about selling all of my things, (minus the new car) and packing it full of just the things I love and moving to a warmer location, where life is simple, I can live in a 500 sq ft studio, loving my job, my neighbors, my local farmer’s market, with great friends and having my family visit. Is that odd? That i’m 29 and willing to scrap everything for a re-do? My mother did it every year, and I hated it. She would up and move us to a new house, new neighborhood, new friends, and new school. Making my total 13 schools by High School graduation. Granted I don’t have children, and wouldn’t do that to my kids. But while I DON’T have kids, everyone is always telling me to move somewhere warm, leave Green Bay, do what you love. Why not?

I just dream of a simple life. Somewhere warm where I can take a bike to work, help people with their organizational problems, hit the flea market and eat lunch outside more than 4 months out of the year and be… happy. You know, the point of life. Where is this place, you ask? I don’t know. But when I find it, i’ll be blogging to you in the sun, in February.

This is my new car. I love it! It belongs with a surf board. Why would I deny my car what it belongs with?

Is it the San Francisco area I belong in? Maybe. Although I would have to work my buns off just to live in a studio apartment. A closet rents for $900 there. Yikes. Although it would be gorgeous, and there would be tons to do.

Is it Portland? Who knows. They aren’t as warm as California, but they have a very laid back lifestyle that I also have. Very liberal, lots of culture (in a good way) and close to the coast.

Is it Charleston, South Carolina? Maybe. I love the historic nature of the city, and it seems like the less sweaty version of Savannah, Georgia, where I’ve always wanted to visit. It has a population of 115K, which is good, but a higher crime rate than the national average, which is bad. The humidity levels are kind of high, but the winters stay around 40 degrees, and I can handle that.

What do you think? What is your ideal city? Happy day dreaming!


3 thoughts on “Daydreaming of an Adventure

  1. OK. You won’t have a use for your surfboard, and our winters aren’t a whole lot warmer than Green Bay, but I vote for St. Louis because I would love to parter with you in an organizational living business. Some might call me selfish. I prefer focused lol!

  2. Aside from cold weather you can do all of those things in Green Bay. Awesome farmer’s markets check, biking to work check, small apartment check, and loving your friends & neighbors check. I know I’ve found all of those things in GB, I hope you can find em too. 🙂

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