Put a Cork In It: Recycled Cork Projects

I have been collecting corks since I was working at a restaurant a few years ago, and have been able to fill an industrial sized mayo jar. I don’t quite know what I am going to do with them, but I have found a few cool ideas. Actually the other night, while working my weekend job at a different restaurant, someone mentioned using them as a backsplash for a stove. Cute, but flamable.

You can dilute paints with water to still show the cork grain while creating a little design like this. You can glue them to a canvas to hang them up.

My cork HERO Anthropologie has re used, well, I can’t begin to imagine how many corks in their displays.

You can create this adorable trivet with glue, and a metal clamp.

You can paint corks to the color of your liking to create a giant letter. You can cut a template in plywood and glue as you collect.

I love the idea for a giant cork board like this! I would have to collect A LOT more corks…

I think these cork letters would be great for a bookcase, top of cabinets, or hanging on a wall. It’s a great christmas present idea, you can give them to family, with your last initial.

Cheap wedding idea: Cork Placeholders. Carefully cut in half, then slice slot for place card.

I love this idea! I would be careful carving them though, so they don’t crack…

These cork coasters would be easy to make, just chop in half, glue together, and bind with fabric strip of your choice.

Happy Upcycling! (And responsible wine drinking!)


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