What does “Practical Enrichment” Mean?

I’ve been thinking of starting my own home organization business lately, (with the push of my current boss,) and I’ve been throwing tons of terms, words, and phrases around to try to come up with a name. After much, much painful deliberation, (remember, i’m a perfectionist), I’ve decided to use the name of my blog and have come up with Practical Enrichment- Organization and Design Services. I’ll do anything from organizing your house, or just a room, getting things boxed in the basement and garage, helping you choose a fresh paint color for your home office, put toys in bins at day care centers, and arrange office furniture to create a more functional space. I’ll help you sort what stays, and what goes. I can even take your items to the donation center. I’ve been doing it for friends and family for years. I’m passionate about keeping a place neat, to lessen anxiety and stress at home, and help daily productivity. It will be something I start part time, and when (yes WHEN) I become successful, I will go full time.

I’ve thought long and hard about what “Practical Enrichment” means to me. It is the way I live my life, living practically, logically, with less clutter, and with “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place”. I like to “enrich” my life simply, spending less money on things that could easily cost twice as much, and not be materialistic. I shop at thrift stores, for clothes I can make my own, and for little design items. I buy organic and local, when I can get away with it. I like to help the planet, when and where I can. I recycle, and try not to use un-nessesary amounts of packaging and (when I remember) bring my own shopping bags to stores. I use recycled items to make crafts, wrap presents, and design my house, and try to reduce my carbon footprint. I shut off the water when I brush my teeth. I water the plant with leftover glasses and bottles of water lying around. So I thought that Practical Enrichment was the perfect name for a home organization business. It is, after all, what I stand for. Being neat, organized, and living practically, and enriching life simply, while being chic and elegant. I’ll let you all know when the business is up and running, and how you can find me.

My tagline? “Your things, only better.”

Just think, your pantry could look like this! Happy organizing!


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