Scrap Journal: How To

I’ve been collecting scraps for years now, just trying to think of many fun ways to put them to use. Scrap book? That’s so much work… And expensive when you think of all of the paper, and do-dads and the actual book you have to buy and extra pages… I have a big old sketch book that I like to glue just random things in and write a little diddy about what happened that day. That’s my own little fun book. But then there’s this idea for giving a gift to someone to remember an event of some type. I gave this gift to remember 2011.

Step 1: Collect your scraps. Brosures, stickers, photos, receipts, ticket stubs, and little notes work perfectly. You will also need 3 book binding rings to hold everything together.

Step 2: Figure out the size of your book, and what you want to use for pages. I found some old wallpaper books, and used the paper as my pages. I decided to make my book the size of a small notebook, about 7″ x 5″. I made a paper template with 3 holes punched in it to figure out where to punch the holes in the pages I used. you can use anything for the base of your pages to attach things to.

Step 3: Punch holes in your pages, and start the assembly. You can punch holes in the pictures you are using, or you can glue them to your base pages.

Here’s my finished book! I used scraps of wallpaper and fun scissors to create most of the pages. You can punch holes in and add just about anything.

This is a page from when we got our cat, Amelia.

I found little cards with quotes on them, and used them in the book.

I even used old post cards to signify trips to certain locations.

You can add stickers to photos to tell what they are.

Maps are a great thing to add.

I took the cheap way of getting last minute photos to throw in the book by printing them off myself on an Inkjet printer. But hey, it’s the thought that counts!

Be sure to add the best moments.

Hockey game and tickets. I even added some punched envelopes to toss in little movie ticket stubs.

You can see that I folded the wallpaper pages here, to get a cleaner edge that didn’t peel apart if I had glued 2 pages back to back. I can see now after adding these pages that I need to get a new camera… Investment? I think so! Happy book-making!


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