Anthropologie Knock Off Clutch

A friend of mine bought a clutch at Anthropologie a few months ago when we were shopping around in Chicago one weekend. I saw her take it to the register and asked her how much it was, and she didn’t want to disclose the price for a such a small clutch (it was $30 ish.) I thought it looked easy enough to make, and with my supply of fabric scraps, I knew I could do it. With my luck I came across the tutorial thanks to Pinterest about how to make the exact one I wanted.

Here’s one of the Anthropologie Clutches mentioned. Adorable, but no longer available.

Here’s another Anthropologie clutch. Very glamourous.

This is the amazing knock off from the tutorial I found on Pinterest. The tutorial is HERE from Flamingo Toes. I don’t have a tutorial myself, because the one she gave was so good, there was no way I could replicate it. I would check the link and follow the instructions given there. Here’s what I came up with:

This little clutch is made of ALL recycled and found materials, minus the key ring I bought to attach the leather to the zipper. It will be for sale once I open my Etsy store this spring, of more items made of recycled materials.

I bought a bag of zippers at a thrift store that I have been finding small projects for since high school. I thought the blue matched the outer fabric nicely.

I got all of the fabrics from work, using ALL discontinued samples. I used a discontinued piece of leather to make the tassel on the zipper, and super glued a piece around the tassel to hold it all together.

Here’s one sideHere’s the other side.

If you follow the tutorial perfectly, your inside and outside will be seamless. It was a little difficult at times understanding how to attach the zipper, but once you do, and flip the piece right side out, it’s almost like watching a magic trick. I strongly recommend using fabric that’s pliable, not too thick, and easy to sew many, many (a minimum of 8) layers together. I didn’t use the thinnest fabric for the ruffles, and broke a few sewing needles in the process.I love the finished product! And I love the fact that it’s 90% recycled materials. It would be perfect for a summer wedding, night out, or luncheon with friends, where all you need is some money, your phone, your Driver’s license to get you a martini, and some sunglasses. Happy Sewing!


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