2011: My Year in Photos

Saying goodbye to 2011 will not be hard to do, and saying hello to 2012 will be most welcoming. Granted the Mayans aren’t right.

Jan: Ringing in the New Year at a local Sports pub with the BF.

Feb: I re-learned to Ice Skate

Feb 5: Our football team won the Superbowl, and may win again this year (go Pack!)

Feb 12: We moved into our own place, in an old foundry turned into loft apartments.

Apr: Broke my first bone.

May: I took a small road trip to Nebraska.

I got to be in 2 places at once.

May: we got our trouble making, plastic bag loving cat, Amelia Pond.

Aug: I visited a larger than life Icon, and saw a real one, Paul McCartney.

Sep: I went to my first Packer game. Packers won!

Sep 15: I confronted my fears and painted in front of people.

Found a free bike in the hall of our apartment.

Oct: I won a costume contest, with a home made costume.

Nov: I turned 29. I argued with Father Time, but he was NOT having it.

We had a delicious all vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner with the BF’s brother.

Nov: We attended a Gourmet Grilled Cheese Party.

Dec: Celebrated Christmas with friends, family, and loved ones.

Dec 24: Crashed, and totaled my van of the last 7 years. (Everyone was ok, thankfully)

Today: Only 2 days left of the year! What are your resolutions?

Happy New Year!


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