My Distraction from Car Shopping: Gray Design

Recently I was in an accident that left my vehicle completely totaled. I was ok, thankfully, and the car was more or less of a fluke “totaled”. The back tire got hit and the axle bent, and where the axle connects to the inner workings of the vehicle it was completely rusted and corroded. I look at it as a blessing in disguise, since if it was rusted out, I may have been trucking along on the highway one day and boom! My back wheels fall off. Who knows, right? I also found out that my insurance only covers the other guy, and a salvage yard will give me $300 for my van, which leaves me with $75 after the tow fee. i’m TRYING to stay optimistic. There must be a silver lining, right? So, it leaves me car shopping. More like car day dreaming, I suppose.

Not sure what the next step is other than browse for 6 hours and look at pictures. We’ll see what happens next. Just trying to stay positive! Until then, i’ll have to look at Pinterest to stay happy. Here’s the happiness I found today. Oddly enough, it’s all gray. Which some would see as a gloomy color, but I like it in all of these applications:

Beautiful high ceilings and old soda shop lights? Yes please! And a chalkboard is a great thing to add. Recipes, grocery lists, and to do’s are abundant in a kitchen.

I imagine this bathroom is in an old brownstone with it’s subway tile, claw foot tub, pedestal sink, and gray walls. I love every piece of it.

I could and would live in this dining room. The stone fireplace, dark wood floors and flowing curtains are heavenly. I don’t think I could put white chairs in a dining room though. It’s a stain waiting to happen!

What a great distraction from the car drama!


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