Guest Post: Preparing Your Home Prior to Move

After having planned to move to a new place, you start making preparations for the move. Relocation is a big project, as it is associated with a lot of moving fears. Though you take all necessary precautions to make sure that none of your possessions gets damaged in transit, you seldom think of preparing your new home before you actually move into it.

There are some obvious reasons behind that. Your new home might be at a distant place within your country or you might be moving overseas. It is really difficult to inspect and improve the condition of your new abode, if you are arriving from a far off place. Though, you can always request the landlord or the previous owner to make sure that end of tenancy cleaning is arranged weeks ahead of your moving date.

On the other hand, if your new home is located in your area or in the same city, it becomes easier for you to prepare it for moving, well ahead of moving date. Moving is a cumbersome task, and it can become all the more tiring, if you do not prepare your new home. Checking the property ahead of time and making the changes you want will help you reduce moving stress. Here are a few thing that you must take care of while preparing your new home:

Inspection of the property

No matter, whether you are going to rent a home or are buying one, you must conduct an inspection to make sure that it is ready to be used. If there are damages, deal with them before you actually move into it.

1. Interior: As far as the interior of the home is concerned you may face defects like, dripping faucets, light bulbs that are not working and dirty window panes. You can also hire professional cleaners to clean the chimney or dirty roof. Inspect the roof for any broken shingle and check the bathrooms for fixing plumbing leaks. Similarly squeaking doors can be greased before you actually start using them.

2. Exterior: See if the house needs to be painted. If you have a garden, mow the lawn and clear debris like loose branches. If the shingles need to be replaced, do it before hand. Clean the garage before you start using it. You can always hire handyman if you do not have enough time to do these cleaning jobs.

Contact utility providers:

How does it feel to move in a home without electricity and power supply. It will make you feel more tired. Call the different utility providers ahead of time. You must apply for other connections like internet and telephone well in advance.

Make a design plan of your new home to decide what furniture item should be placed in which corner. Measure the space to avoid confusion when you actually arrive with your bag and baggage.

by Adam Williams. Aussie Handyman Service is based out of the UK.

Contact Adam here. 


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