Things to Do With Fabric Scraps

If you and anything like me, and love to sew and craft, and a fabric hoarder/ scrap keeper, you have piles of little pieces of fabric lying around and don’t know what to do with them. I work at a design studio that is constantly having discontinued fabric pieces that are little squares, and I love to come up with things to do with them, but sometimes, my creativity is at a loss. Thanks to my new favorite resource Pinterest, I can help myself, and you! There are so many good ideas out there with the tutorials, it’s like being spoiled by the internet, in a good way.

You can create these coffee cup cozy covers. Save a tree, and save some money!

There isn’t a DIY tutorial, but you can check these bunnies out on Harabu House. If you have extra felt lying around, you can create a simple little stuffed bunny. Write a little note to those you love, and stitch it inside the bunny, and send it to a loved one with your secret message.

How about this awesome Shower Curtain? This one was made with fabric scraps and a surger. You can use a simple sewing machine if you aren’t lucky enough to own a surger.

This is a cute little Clutch that wouldn’t use much fabric, and you can mix and match.

Do you know someone having a baby? I do! (I’m going to be an auntie!) You can make so many baby crafts… bibs, blankets, stuffed animals, rags, little pants… The list is endless, and baby supplies are always needed.

I just made a similar Anthropologie knock off clutch using this tutorial. I broke 5 needles in the process, but I used all fabric scraps I acquired and it turned out great! Pics to come.

These cute little boxes by Betty Joy are simple to make, and are great for many things!

How about these little Owl Rice Warmers from Just Another Hangup, you can just throw in the microwave, and soothe a sore muscle? Adorable, and a great Holiday gift!

This is a great place to stash your keys, note pad, and IPod for when you are running out the door.

I like the idea of having somewhere to put my planner, book, some business cards, a pen, and staying super organized. This tutorial by The Cottage Home can show you how to make this little organizer.

All you need is a little zipper and you can make this little pouch for your credit card, driver’s license, and keys.

Now that you have some ideas, get going! Make a ton of little crafts, and set them aside for birthday presents, Holiday gifts, and Hostess gifts. Happy Sewing!


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