Inspiration: Eclectic Design

Eclectic Design. What does that mean to you? To most that means a mish mash of personal likes and randomness. And to most, you’re right. Here’s the definition of the word:

  1. Selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles.
  2. Made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources.

So really, to be eclectic, you could be anything. And I believe that is the best way to be. It’s being yourself, taking your collections and treasures from over the years and making them your own, mixing styles and colors and patterns, but in the design world, it’s almost a science, because you don’t want to look messy or like you’re running a garage sale.

Rule 1: Use this opportunity to display a collection. Things that are of similar categories tend to look like they flow, even if they are from different times, and places.

Rule 2: Go with your gut, and follow your heart. Did you find a piece that you absolutely love, and makes you happy just looking at it? Then use it! I had an avocado green tufted velvet bench for years that didn’t go with anything, but I was in love with it. So I kept it.

Rule 3: Keep the background neutral. Eclectic and a mix of pieces tend to have bright colors, not all of them matching. If you keep your walls neutral, it’s easier to mix and match.

Rule 4: Use multiple sizes of furniture and accessories. This rule holds true to any form of decorating. You don’t want all over scale pieces, or all small pieces. You don’t want your pieces spread all over the room, or all in one place. Choose the arrangement that is most pleasing to the eye, and is the most comfortable for the task of the room.

When designing eclectic, it’s all personal preferance. Try moving your things about in the space until you find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new, and keep adding. You can mix genres and cross breed items. Mix shiny with dull, bright and flat, animal print with stripes. But keep it classy! Happy decorating!


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