Christmas Decorations: Birch Bark Arrangements

This Christmas we at the Design company decorated a client’s house for a Christmas Walk, I posted earlier about the Pea Wreaths, and here’s another decoration we did with Birch Bark, floral foam, faux poinsettias, moss, and some ribbon.

The arrangements were fairly easy to make, We started by gluing the birch bark into cone shapes, smaller at the bottom and larger at the top. We wrapped floral wire around the bark to stabilize it, starting at the bottom and working our way up, criss crossing, and leaving extra floral wire at the top for hanging the arrangements. later covering the wire in glitter ribbon. We took floral foam, and cut it to fit inside, going about half way down the cone with the foam. We stuck the poinsettias inside, and some green berry bunches. After covering the foam with sheet moss and gold ribbon, they were ready for hanging!

There are many combinations you can come up with while arranging flowers. Also, I fell in LOVE with their adorable Chihuahua, Amora. Just look at that sweater!

Merry Christmas! Happy Decorating!


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