2 Ingredient Winter Soup

The other week the Design team and I went to the bosses house for a wine and TV night, and the boss presented all of us with her favorite soup. After we were all raving about how delicious it was, she shared with us her secret recipe, and we were shocked to find out it only had 2 ingredients! I’ll spill the good news with you:

Step 1: the Soup-

This delicious soup is Organic, and available at local grocers in the organic/ all natural section. I got mine at the World Market in their food section.

Step 2: Add Pesto-

Once you bring your soup to a nice simmer on the stove, you add a few scoops of pre-made Pesto, to your taste specifications. I added 3 small spoon-fulls stirring well after adding. I got this Pesto at the World Market too. This is the BEST store bought Pesto I’ve ever found, and at only $4 it was a steal!

After your yummy soup is all done, you can add shaved italian cheese to the top like a nice parmesan and have some sliced toasted french bread for dipping and you have a delicious gourmet meal right at home. So fantastic for a cold night. We had it last night after we put our Christmas Tree up. What’s your favorite family recipe?


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