In the Bag: Etsy Inspired

I decided a while ago that I wanted to start an Etsy store. I wanted to try to make extra money for the holidays, and have (another) creative outlet for my crafty little fingers. I have always loved to make purses and bags, and being at the design studio, I have bags upon bags of fabric and leather scraps. What to do with it all, you ask? I went to the local Hobby Lobby and bought (gulp) $80 in little hooks, snaps, eyelets, and do-dads. That purchase is pretty much forcing me to get started, so that that money doesn’t go to waste. Here’s some of my rather expensive (and some reasonable) inspirations, that I KNOW I can make for just the price of some grommets and thread.

This bag from Anthropologie is awesome. It sells for $198 retail. It’s hand painted, with leather straps.

I also love this simple leather bag/ clutch from Anthropologie. It sells for $148 retail. How easy to re-create with a leather scrap and some fabric to line it.

I love this little Anthropologie clutch. It sells for $28 retail. How easy to make too, with a cute ruffle at the top?

I like this laptop bag with the hook on the handle.

The masculine look of these products on the Matblac page are amazing. They are suave, and would be suitable for a any guy. But the price tag ($780!) is a bit much more than I want to spend on my boyfriend this Christmas, so why not put my 20+ years of sewing experience to work?

I think this Etsy clutch is adorable (and totally reasonable for $35.00 retail.) I’m totally on board with the bird trend. Especially teal ones.

So wish me luck! I’ll be crafting my little heart out the next few weeks so I can start my own store, also called “Practical Enrichment.” My items will be made from 50%+ recycled materials, so I can make use of all those fabric scraps!

Happy crafting, and shopping!


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