Hand Made Christmas Pea Wreath

Recently the Design team and myself were decorating a home of a client for a local Christmas Home Tour, and someone handed me a bag of supplies, showed me a photo, and told me to get to work. All I had to do was hot glue some dried split peas to some straw wreathes. Seemed easy enough. Well, some major hot glue burns, and an 8 hour work day later… I was done! Well, it may not take YOU 8 hours, but this is what happens when you send someone who is an O.C.D. crafter to do a project.


  • Straw Wreath for base
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • About a bag of glue sticks per wreath
  • Dried Split Peas
  • Ribbon or Twine for hanging the Wreaths
  • Bandaids. In case you burn yourself.
  • A glass of wine, for when you do.

I started with straw wreaths for the base of the project. It was kind of a mess, I had to keep pulling off the straw that stuck out in awkward spots. I would maybe use foam, which weighs less, and is less messy, if the hot glue didn’t melt it.

These are the peas that I used. They worked pretty well.

Little by little, put the hot glue on the wreath, and drop some peas onto the wreath. It’s best to do this inside of a shoe box or on newspaper so you can catch the peas that fall off, and keep using them. Be CAREFUL not to touch the hot glue! You may need to pat the peas into place once you drop them onto the wreath, but still, be careful. I have a knuckle with no skin on it that is proof that hot glue is just that, HOT.

Dropping the peas on the wreath is messy with hot glue, you end up with tons of tiny glue strings. It’s tedious.

Your wreath should look something like this when you are done. You can choose to cover the whole thing, where as I just covered what would be visible once the wreath was hung, to save time.

The finished wreath, hung with some ribbon. I think it looks very home-made vintage. It’s time consuming, but worth it if you are going for a hand crafted Christmas look.

Here’s the finished product, once again! The wreaths aren’t light, and are kind of delicate, since the peas like to fall off if they aren’t glued on well. But they look very adorable. Happy crafting, and Happy Christmas!


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