A Place for Necklaces

So a while back I saw an adorable picture in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine about where to hang your necklaces, and thought, I can do that! (Like I think with SO many things I see in magazines…)

My inspiration

So I set out on a quest to get supplies. I found a picture frame at Goodwill for $5 that I took the glass out of to replace a broken piece in another project. I cut cardboard to fit in the back of the frame, I would recommend doubling up on cardboard if the depth will fit in the frame.

I covered the frame with some old fabric, added push pins, and hung it in the bathroom. Voila! Cheap and easy necklace solution!

Any size pushpins would work, as long as they are the kind that stick out, not the flat ones. You could also cover your cardboard in wallpaper, cork board, or get creative and use your favorite cereal boxes. When you craft, the choices are up to you! Happy crafting!


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