Daydreaming of: San Francisco

Knowing my lease is up in about 3 months, I’ve been letting my mind wander as to where I would go if money or distance from everyone I’ve ever met were no object. Of course, I would go to Europe, but I may get homesick seeing as how that’s a very big pond to cross permanently. So today my mind has gone to San Francisco. The boyfriend just got back from there, and I can just tell, he’s still dreaming of the Golden Gate Bridge. There has been talk of a vacation in the future. Can I be so lucky? We shall see. Here’s what I’ve been dreaming of.

Gorgeous Painted Ladies.

A Trolley Ride.

Amazing views of the city, and…

…the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out this site for many other great shots of San Francisco.

Alcatraz. Yes, for some reason I look forward to seeing a jail. Thank Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery for that one.

Fisherman’s Wharf. I would love to try FRESH seafood! I live in Wisconsin people. I don’t expect Grade-A lobster here.

Ok, so Boyfriend got to go sailing when he was out there. I would love to do the same, or at least go to the beach and listen to the waves for a bit.

Ok, so this isn’t in San Francisco, it’s a short drive south to San Jose, but I MUST see the Winchester Mystery House. Creepy History, and most likely awesome architecture.

So I’m a HUGE movie buff. There were many movies and TV shows filmed in San Francisco, and I would love to see some sites. Here’s a few things filmed in San Francisco I can think of off the top of my head:

  • So I Married an Axe Murderer. Here’s some film locations for this movie.
  • The Sweetest Thing. Here’s the locations for this movie.
  • Just Like Heaven (2005 with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo)
  • Full House
  • 48 Hours (In which Eddie Murphy sings my song from jail)
  • Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Charmed (TV show)
  • Parts of “Serendipity”
  • The Wedding Planner. Here’s film locations for that movie.
  • Woman on Top (Penelope Cruz movie)
  • X-Men The Last Stand (in which the Golden Gate Bridge gets destroyed)
  • Zodiac

Here’s a huge list of others! San Francisco just has so much culture, warmer climate, and History. Sure the apartments are an arm, a leg, and your first-born child, but IF I could get a job that paid enough, it may be worth it. Only the future can see! Happy Daydreaming!


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