Home Made Halloween Costume : Peacock

This year I (very last minute) decided to make my own costume. I decided to be a peacock, since I had some things at home I could use to make the costume. I had certian things laying around that most people usually don’t, so I had an adva ntage over some. I had this blue dress with a sparkly bottom, green velvet fabric, blue tights, and peacock feathers. All I had to buy was blue eyeshadow, feathery eye lashes, and a few tall peacock feathers from the craft store to complete the outfit! Oh, and I had to buy pipe cleaners, and blue pom poms to make a little head piece, because I did NOT have those things. But turns out I tied with a blue haired, cupcake boobed Katy Perry for 1st place in a costume contest, so hey, it was a good night! And I didn’t spend $50 at a “Halloween Express” for a cheap, short skirted outfit. Win!

Seeing as how I already had the blue dress, I made a little green velvet corset to go over the top half, something I could glue feathers to. I glued some smaller feathers to the front, and then made a pocket in the back so I could stick the tall feathers in and make them stand up tall behind my head. I made the corset so it wrapped around and just stuck with velcro, then pinned it to my dress with safety pins so it didn’t slide down. It worked out perfectly, and held up all night! Little time spent, and very little money.

Happy Halloween!


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