Words of Wisdom

So, I’ve learned a thing or two in my day. I’ve had a horrible childhood, with verbal and physical abuse, struggled with the alcoholism of others, grew up very poor and insecure about who I was as a person. It’s hard to find your path when you aren’t confident about yourself or any choices you make. But over time, I’ve had to deal with most ordeals myself, and learn some important life lessons along the way. One of the reasons I’m a confident person today is because I feel I’ve been given certian gifts that have to do with design, compassion, and creativity, and I felt it a shame to not be appreciative, or to waste them. And today I was thinking that my (almost annoying to others) optimistic attitude is a huge part of life. If you look at life with a negative, pessimistic, and cynical eye, you won’t appreciate all that this life has to offer. If you are positive, optimistic, motivated, and just appreciative of life, you will see all the beauty it has to offer, and everything you do will just feel better. Here are some sayings that I draw motivation from.

Good ones, huh? I hope anyone out there that struggles with trying to figure out what this world is all about can find their motivation somewhere.

Happy Soul Searching!


One thought on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Usually I read on my phone and can’t comment because my phone doesn’t view the page correctly, BUT i made a point to come onto my computer.

    Roxanne, you’re beautiful, and I appreciate you and your friendship. You’re on your merry way to do magical things for the rest of your life.

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