Home Made Sweatshirt Idea

I saw this awesome Sweater on Pinterest, which lead me back to Etsy, and I thought, hey, I can do that! So I went out to the local Goodwill, and got myself an XL sweater with no front pocket or zipper, and got to work! I got some buttons that you cover yourself with fabric at the Hobby Lobby, and had some extra printed cotton at home, and that was all I needed.




My finished Product:

I didn’t have room to cut the sweater and sew pieces together like in the Etsy one, so I just sewed lines across the sweat shirt in a crooked fashion to achieve a similar look. The neck square is made from excess I took out of the front of the sweater when I cut it down to fit me. I also had excess fabric from the armpit area when I altered that to fit as well. Otherwise I would have had those “flying squirrel” wings you get with oversized sweat shirts.

And for $5 at Goodwill and $4 for the buttons, I have a cool crafty new sweater that is super soft on the inside. I love my new cozy sweater! Happy sewing!


UPDATE: I’ve just posted a tutorial on this shirt, see it here! I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to clothing DIY also, since I love to sew and create one of a kind pieces. You can see that board here.

Happy Sewing!


38 thoughts on “Home Made Sweatshirt Idea

  1. I’ve seen many of the sweatshirt re-dos, but this one is nice because it doesn’t look like it’s made for someone’s grandma…no offense meant to grandmas, I am one myself. You did a great job!

  2. I LOVE this! It looks so fitted & cute and so closely resembles the Etsy version. I tried to find it on Etsy, but it’s clearly expired already. I’m not sewing-crafty so I’d rather buy it. You should make some and sell them! I’ll be your first customer! 🙂

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