Organize Tights and Ties With the Help of Beer

I woke up with the idea of how to organize my tights in my head. I know, what kind of a crazy person thinks of organizing tights in their sleep? I would like to say I don’t know, but yep, it’s me. So anyways, I’ll show you what I came up with.

Take an empty 6 pack of beer. This New Glarus one worked great because it’s sturdy and the bottle slots were bigger than some.

Mark how high you want your orgainzer to be. I picked about half the height of the holder.

Cut the holder along your designated line.

Here’s the cut tight or tie organizer.

I cut the sharp edges of the inside so I wouldn’t snag the tights.

I put tape on the bottom so the organizer was a little more sturdy. Make sure you don’t let the tape show on the inside or the tights will stick to them. Just put another piece on the inside to cover the showing tape.

Place your organizer wherever you would like. I choose my dresser drawer, the most obvious place. I started with a huge messy pile of tights, and ended up with organization. Love it!

Once you fold your tights in half, and roll them, they should fit nicely into the slots. Thick and textured tights probably won’t fit, unless you find a 6 pack of large bottles.

Happy organizing!


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