Re-Use Those Old T-Shirts

I was between Doctor appointments yesterday and with a lot on my mind, I decided I needed to clear my head. So, I made a trip to the local Goodwill (an odd comfort zone for me, but it always hits the spot.) I love to look at the little boys t-shirts (I have no nephew or little brother to shop for) But that’s where a lot of the cool T’s with sayings and graphics get placed. There are also a TON of crafts that you can make with old t-shirts. I have this cap sleeve T from Target, my super favorite. Robin’s egg blue. But I’ve worn it so much there are little holes in the front. So, I have a few options for making something else out of my favorites. Here are some ideas for you.

THIS is what I am going to make with my favorite blue T-shirt. I also have this amazing fuscia T-Shirt that is a little small for this, and I may have to turn into a pillow or something.

This pillow is adorable. It almost looks like a thicker T-shirt material. Here’s the tutorial ala “The Sweet Life”.

I LOVE and must try this idea a-la P.S. I Made This. So easy!

Ok, so this extremely plush looking Latch Hook Rug looks like it took FOR-EV-ER (to be said in Sandlot style voice) but most likely well worth the effort. Baby likes it.

This is a great idea for an old beat up T-Shirt that you can’t bear to part with. Perfect for Summer. Thanks to P.S. I Made This.

I am loving this Mosaic patchwork bag from Try Handmade. You can find cool images, and letters to create your own saying. Check out zJayne‘s Etsy shop for more cool creations.

 Check out CreativityisMessy’s page for this cute recycled T-Shirt necklace.

I am also loving anything that looks like a big ol’ flower that’s made from old fabrics. Speaking of which, I just got a whole new bag of discontinued fabric samples from the studio that I want to craft with. You could make fridge magnets, bouquets, pen toppers… I digress. Check out Cosa Verde‘s page for more ideas.

Other Ideas:

  • Rags
  • Yarn for knitting a chunky scarf
  • Stretch and staple over a canvas for a cool picture. Be nostalgic and use a T-Shirt from your youth, like a sports team or sleepaway camp.
  • Baby Spit Up Towels
  • Dog Neck Tie. Just cut into a big triangle.
  • Cat Bed warmer
  • Seat Cushion for Dining Chairs
  • Shopping Bags (Just cut off Sleeves and cut out neck.)

Possibilities are endless! Just have fun with it, and happy Up-Cycling!


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