Mega Project: Mega Man Pillows

Last night I attended a good friend’s wedding, and I knew I wanted to give them something that no one else could. I noticed a Mega Man tattoo on the groom’s arm one day at a bar, and knowing I had also stumbled upon a blog about how to make pillows with said character, I knew what I wanted to make.

Being the crafting masochist that I am, I knew that this would take some time to complete, but I didn’t know that I would put it off till the last minute, and end up filling and stitching the pillows shut at a bar between the ceremony and reception.

The original, and inspiration for the project.

I decided that I wanted to make a version of the original, and a girl version, for the bride. I printed out a copy of the pillow, graphed, and counted the colors, so I knew what to order at the craft store. Thank goodness for the woman at Hancock Fabrics, she cut me just enough of each color!

Blue squares for the boy, purple for the girl. There are 4 shades of blue, and 4 shades of purple. Also 2 little red squares, some cream color for the skin, and lots of black and white squares.

Thank goodness for my rotary cutter, I would have been cutting those for days! I cut my squares to be 1 1/4″. This made my final pillows 23 x 23. I hoped to add a flange, but ran out of time. This is 1000 white squares, used in both pillows.

Sometimes your cat jumps on things, and you have to spend time getting reorganized. I have just accepted the fact that cats love crafts. Yarn, ribbon, sewing projects… cats are all over that stuff!

The Culprit. Miss Amelia Pond.

You can get a better idea of how to assemble the pillows from the original blog I linked to above, but what I did was sew each row together across, then sew the rows together from the top. Make sure to mark the back of each row so you know where to sew them! Also, hold the row you are about to sew next to the previous row, not all of my squares were the perfect same size, and I needed to make sure whites and blacks lined up.

This is the front of the Man pillow almost done, minus a few bottom rows. I wish I had added some more white rows around the edges so the pillow showed more of the character, instead of the feet touching the edges.

The finished Mega Lady (for the bride)

And Mega Man (for the groom)

The Happy Couple! Overall I probably put in 30 hours or so, (in 2 weeks time because I procrastinated all summer) but It was worth it to give a unique gift. Happy sewing!


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