The Urban Frog: Paint Colors Selected!

So the progress of the Urban Frog Project is coming along nicely. Today the team here at Designs of the Interior helped finalize the paint selections, and locations of each color. We are going for an earthy, yet hip and relaxing vibe.

Our colors. Pretty Excited!

Our little layout sketch to place each color. We also have some ideas on how to make the space unique as well, those will be a surprise.

Some of my inspiration. This eco friendly coffee house has earthy tones, with a neutral calming color pallate.

This picture of a cafe near London inspired me to get a larger, school-house style clock. And the simple chalkboards, and baked good displays are appealing to me as well…

I’ll keep those of you interested in the progress informed with each step. Next, making flowy drapes, and shopping for accessories.


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