Cheap Wall Hanging Ideas

Do you have a large blank wall that you don’t know what to do with? There are many ideas out there on how to fill a blank space. Some are good, some are not so good… (posters with thumbtacks? In the livingroom? What are we, 12?) I can help by giving you some ideas on how to fill a blank slate for low dough.

My dining Room eclectic dining room
Photo by Shakalaka, featured on
Purchasing some frames from your local thrift store, and spray painting them all the same color, you can add your own personal touches on the insides. Like skeleton keys, pocket watches, or small pictures hung inside a larger frame.
my home eclectic living room
Photo by Paula Mills.
Hanging a string, yarn, ribbon, or some twine from two points and clipping some of your favorite items is one way to display personal items. You can show off neat greeting cards, post cards, love letters, playing cards, or kid’s art. Attach with clothes pins or binder clips for a cheap detail.
sfgirlbybay eclectic living room
Your picture frames don’t have to match to make a good grouping. And you definitely don’t have to worry if you’re hanging things in the right place. If your pictures look good together, they will flow in an asymmetrical hanging. Lay them out on the floor in front of the wall first to get a good idea of location.

Big Round Pizza Box Office eclectic home office
You can also purchase some inexpensive frames from a thrift shop (even if they have no glass) and fill them with cardboard or cork covered in a fancy wallpaper scrap or fabric to create a push-pin board. (Office design by Philadelphia interior designer Shoshana Gosselin)

Clipboards are a great way to keep yourself organized, in a stylish way. You can buy them in packs of 3 or more at your local office supply center. It’s a great way to display children’s art in a neat fashion.

Clipboards are also a great way to get organized at work. Especially if you are a designer with a stack of magazine clippings…

This blog post I did earlier on how to display a record collection neatly and easily is one of my favorite things.

I hope you are now inspired to hang your favorite things on the wall too! Happy hanging!


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