Design Challange: The Urban Frog

The Urban Frog! (Before Photo)

So one of my first solo responsibilities (woo hoo!) here at Designs of the Interior will be to help the “Healthy Deli” across the street, The Urban Frog, with a little Design on a Dime magic. The new owner Sue would like to give the place her own touches, since the current look is that of the previous owner. Given their budget, I (with some help from the team) have come up with a plan to give them the most bang for their buck, and turn them into a chill Organic/ Juice Bar/ Deli/ Cafe vibe, instead of a grade school day care vibe. I’ll shoot you some before pics, and keep you updated the whole way!

Before: The design goal here is to remove giant frog, and turn wall into a gallery for fresh art, or a do a cool wall treatment with either wood, or a collage of recipes.

Before: Kid’s Space: The Design goal for this area is to keep the area functional, but organize toys with baskets, replace art to something more modern, and add some flowy window treatments for accoustic purposes, and to soften the space.

Before: Counter Space. Goal for this area: To make more welcoming, and help traffic flow by moving the Juice Cooler. Paint walls a refreshing color and add some shelves for showcasing fun accessories.

Before: Counter/ Carry Out Area. Design Goal for this space: Move menu to a more convienient location, paint a cool color on back walls and add some neat signs showcasing words representing the company brand.

After: (2014)

I can’t take full credit for this. I started the project, and the owner told me the design wasn’t her priority, so I turned the ideas over to her, the paint scheme, and no one realized she was sick and had to focus on her health. Some work DID get done after that, and looks like they chose my brown paint color for the walls, and the more rustic vibe we discussed.

Urban 1

They painted over the giant frog and took our advice on building a wood wall there instead.

urban 4

All of the walls are this paper bag brown color. Much better than the bright red. I still wish they would have painted something green like I suggested for variety.

urban 5

I love the updates that were made and am glad to have helped, in whatever way I could!


Happy decorating!


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