Boho Chic Home Design

After many, many attempts to google a perfect combination of words that would give me a multitude of pictures that were not only beautiful, but inspirational, I think I’ve nailed it. Those magic words are “boho chic house” and “boho chic home design”. It’s bright, colorful, is full of ideas on repurposing old fabric, furniture, paint, plus a few thrifting items, and hey, makes my green velvet sofa not seem so bad. I have also come to realize that my living room is lacking… color. I know what me, my sewing machine, and my 35 gallon tub of extra fabric are doing tonight.

Amazing teal bathroom wall. Way to start the morning.

Anthropologie. My home planet.

This room belongs to actress Amanda Peet. Now I have one more reason to envy her.

I love the chalkboard side of the cabinet. Be careful not to rub up against it.

This is an excellent eclectic mix of colors, textures, and accessories.

What’s NOT to love here? Sunshine, a fire-place, and fun colorful art.

This pic from “Pretty Little World Fashion” is simple, colorful, and eclectic. And it has a dinosaur.

What I LOVE about Boho Chic Home Design is that it blends my favorite things together. Color, antiques, thrift store finds, and the style doesn’t have to be from all one genre, it can be a mix of things you love. Re-using things you find in your home like fabric, picture frames, furniture, and sprucing up things with a coat of paint doesn’t hurt. It’s eco friendly, and just brightens up your day from the moment you wake up and see bright welcoming colors, and fun playful accessories. It’s a positive design style. May be seen as childish, or pop-cultur-ish, but hey, if you can’t live in the moment, where are you living?

Happy Designing!


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