Daily Inspiration: Women in Men’s Clothing

As I was reading an article recently on women in the electronic/creative/blogging age, I noticed that most of them blog once, sometimes twice a day. It had me thinking, do I not blog enough? How much is too much? Should I blog on a daily basis with little random tidbits just for the sake of blogging? Neh. I do this for me. (Mostly. I do LOVE to share good things). But mainly I blog when I feel inspired, motivated, and have a topic I feel is worth researching and writing about in length. Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way… Maybe I should blog more often on little things that inspire who I am and how I function on a daily level (There are so many!) But you know what, after all of the things I’ve learned in this crazy hectic life I’ve been dealt, I think I’ve acquired enough knowledge to pop out a tidbit of fun filled of info, or at least something pretty every day. I’ll give it a shot for a while, see what I come up with. Who knows, I may even inspire myself by trying to be inspired. It’s just the way I am.

Today: Women who like to dress like men, and look good. 

In the beginning, there were men in men’s suit. Then there was Marlene Dietrich. She took the “power” in “power-suit” to a whole new level. And she didn’t let men forget it.

I think it also started with one of my all time favorite actresses, Katherine Hepburn. She had a deep voice, she talked fast, smart, was witty, and an amazing actress. And, she set a fashion trend for decades to come.

One of my favorite actresses Cate Blanchett, who played Katherine in the film The Aviator must have been inspired by Miss Hepburn’s androgynous style.

Then came Diane Keaton, in Woody Allen’s famous “Annie Hall”. I’m sure women were raiding their husband’s closet for vests and ties after that.

Next came Angelina Jolie, who being known for her boldness, didn’t exactly shock the fashion world with this perfectly tailored white pantsuit. She did however shock people by making out with her brother that night…

Here’s a great example of a very modern take on men’s clothing. Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meister wears this suit very well, and femininely by adding heels, and a loose tie.

Here are a few other good examples of great ways to incorporate menswear into your daily wardrobe full of women’s wear:

Over time women wearing men’s clothing has really turned into women taking those men’s cloths and making them their own. Loose ties, shimmery vests, high heels, suit coats, and fedora’s aren’t just for men anymore, and hey, we look damn good wearing them!


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