Color Trends for Spring- 2011

I was asked at work last night by a co-worker at the restaurant, who knows of my alter ego as an Interior Designer, what the hot new colors are for walls. The first words out of my mouth were “Kelly Green”. Followed by “Well, that’s what my boss told me. I believe her!” My amazing boss at the Design Studio has been doing this long enough that I just believe everything that comes out of her mouth like a devout religious person listening to a sermon. Here are some other paint colors that are hot this spring season:

Navy Blue, paired with a cool taupe and a pop of robin’s egg blue, and cooled down with creams and dark wood tones.

Shades to try: Sherwin Williams SW7602 Indigo Batik, or Hallman Lindsay 0592 “Quiet Peace”.

Taupe/ Tan: I know it seems plain. And there are so many shades. Think Cape Cod house shingles, sand in your toes, side of the old boat taupe. You can accent this with grass greens, daisy yellows, and other spring hues. Or you can add class to taupe by adding gold accents like picture frames, and lamp bases, dark chocolate pillows or a side chair upholstered in leather.

Shades to try: Hallman Lindsay 0225 “Roman Ruins”, Sherwin Williams 6156 “Ramie” for a warmer tan, or Sherwin Williams SW7533 “Khaki Shade” for a more neutral approach.

Robin’s Egg Blue: This serene color will lull you into a tranquil sleep in the bedroom, make you feel like you are at a posh spa in the bathroom, and will make you feel like you are looking at a mid day sky in the kitchen.

Shades to Try: “Pleasant Valley Blue” or “Palladian Blue” from Benjamin Moore, Hallman Lindsay’s 0469 “Deja Vu”, or Sherwin Williams 6211 “Rainwashed”.

Kelly Green: This color is found all over home design magazines this spring season, and it’s easy to see why. We miss summer so bad that this color reminds of fresh cut grass, and leaves on full summer trees.

Shades to try: Hallman Lindsay 0731 “Aqueos”, Pratt and Lambert’s 18-14 “Leaf Green” if you’re feeling bold, and Sherwin Williams 6931 “Jolly Green” for something youthful and spring like.

There are a few ideas to get you started with spring decorating, hope I helped. Happy painting!


6 thoughts on “Color Trends for Spring- 2011

  1. Hi Roxanne,

    I love the navy blue room you have pictured in this post. Do you know what the paint color is? Would also like to know the paint color of the robin blue room.

    Kristen from Chicago

  2. Love all these beautiful colors, though a season late! Any idea what that taupe bedroom color might be? It looks like it has a green tint to me, but when I try to find this color on my own I always end up with something TOO green. Thanks!

  3. Hi. It would be very helpful if you would indicate paint colors and manufactures along with the pictures. I’ve now tried 5, yes 5, different taupe samples and none of them are even close to the picture. Thanks!

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