Things to do on a Snow Day…

I realized lately that I’ve been slacking on my Blog. Could it be that I’ve been lazy? Could It be that I’ve lost interest? No. It’s just life. In the last 45 days I’ve: moved to a new city, and taken EVERYTHING I own out of storage, unpacked it all, sorted it, put it away, etc. I work at an Interior Design studio, and have become drawn into the world of design, and obsessing over what to do with this amazing new loft apartment that I have rented in an old renovated Historic Foundry building. (I know, hate me. It’s awesome.) Photos to come, I promise. But on a dreadful, windy, blizzardy, “don’t go out there” day like today, I leave myself to wonder, what do I do on this horrible snow day? Here a few of my own ideas, and a few I’ve borrowed.

Look Familiar?

  • Have a “snow day”. That’s cheesy, I know. I mean make some hot cocoa, curl up on the sofa with your favorite throw blanket, and pop in a DVD my friend, because you aren’t going anywhere. I know this only takes like 2 hours, so choose a few flicks, perhaps in a theme, and have a marathon. Convince a friend to drive over for the cost of some popcorn and leftover wine you have in the fridge, and play movie critic, get scared by Freddy or Jason, or just have a laugh-athon.
  • Craft your little heart out. You have some scraps of fabric, paper, pens, pencils, glue, and other leftover craft things? Look on my girl Martha Stewart’s Web Site or Craftgawker for hundreds of ideas to keep you busy all day. Hey, who wouldn’t want home-made pop up easter cards?
  • Bake! Yep, I said bake. You may have the ingredients laying around for cookies, (I do, minus the 2 sticks of butter, and I’m too stubborn to walk the 50 feet to the gas station durning this frozen tundra to get it,) and if you do, you can whip up some baked goods. Not only will they taste amazing, but they will make your space smell great. This Sugar Cookie Recipe is really easy, and simple to make with few ingredients. I haven’t tried this 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe, but it looks way too easy, and worth a shot.
  • Become an Orange Julius. When I was a kid, I loved to create shakes, smoothies, and other blended drinks at home when I was bored. I would take ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, anything sweet, and blend it with some milk in the home blender. Throw in a banana and you have a health shake! ( I wish.) But you can experiment with fruits, ice, sorbet, and even some honey for a healthy breakfast drink. Frozen yogurt, blueberries, and wheatgrass juice is a delicious morning drink.
  • Read a book, donate some magazines, and other literary ideas. You bought that best seller for a reason, didn’t you? Well, today is the day to read it. Set the mood a little, make some tea (with caffeine so you don’t fall asleep) get a blanket, turn on a good lamp, and start page turning. You could also go through your own magazines and tear out the good stuff, and donate/recycle the rest. Then catalogue the things you kept by category so you know where to find that article you kept on “How to retire rich” and “Why you should keep your change.” Or you can just read my blog, because I kept the same articles! Ha!
  • Catch up on your relatives. I know that Facebook makes it way, WAY to easy to say you are caught up on how Aunt Ruth is doing since her surgery or what Cousin Lisa’s new baby looks like, but how nice would it be to open the mailbox one day and find a hand written letter in there? Go ahead and get our that hand made stationary (just kidding) and pen a letter to your long lost relatives across the States. You can ask them for their addresses on Facebook.
  • Play a game. You have Trivial Pursuit. If you’re me your boyfriend has like 20 versions of Monopoly. (Lucky me, for the inheritance of said collection.) Uno. Scrabble. Risk. Ring a bell? If you have someone to play with, get out some Root Beers, some popcorn, and throw on a record (Or MP3 Player) and play away! Have a tournament, place bets, and have a good old time.
  • Fashion Show! I mean, go through your closet, and try on your clothes. Whatever doesn’t fit you by at least 2 pants sizes, or if that top is too tight/small/revealing/adds 10 years, or whatever you haven’t looked at in a year can GO. That’s right. Don’t think, just bag. Get it out of your closet, and make space for some new fun, fresh things. You didn’t like that old torn Iron Maiden shirt anyways. Or hey, maybe you do, you can turn it into a Tote Bag to take to the market.
  • Have a snowball fight. Make a snow angel. Go Sledding. Snow shoeing. Build a snow fort. Have a dog sled race. Mush your way to the store to get butter to make those cookies after all. Do something with all of this Snow! Or not, stay inside. It’s up to you.
  • Workout. I know, I know. You don’t want to do “Work” on your day off. But how good would you feel eating all those cookies if you have FINALLY done that P90X video you paid money for? Use those hand weights, yoga mat, exercise ball, protein powder, and other expensive equipment! You paid for it!
  • Blog. Yes, that is what I’m doing on this snow day. Blogging. Make a little journal. You can make a paper journal with a notebook and all those little scraps that you keep laying around like movie tickets, coasters, newspaper cutouts, and the like.
  • Become Mr or Mrs Clean. So, as fun as this sounds, I’m going to recommend cleaning. Spring/Winter cleaning. Get out those trash bags, mops, brooms, and buckets and just take the day to clean out the christmas cob webs. Come on now, if you just take the day and get it done, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you got it all finished, and won’t have to do it again for a while.
  • Knock Boots. Ok, It’s not the most creative way to spend a snow day, but it will be one of the most fun for you and your spouse to get involved. And you’ll have an easier time talking your spouse into this than say, cleaning the attic.
  • Genealogy. Pull out those old pictures of when your Great Grandparents came over on the boat from Italy and scan them into your computer. E-mail them to your relatives, maybe they would like a copy? You can go onto an Ancestry web-site to log your history, and discover some more.
  • IRON CHEF!!! If you and your spouse are feeling experimental (in the kitchen) you can do your own rendition of the Iron Chef. Pick an ingredient, and make each other a dish! Here are a few ideas: Garlic, Noodles, Tomatoes, Hash browns, Honey, or that leftover Basil from that time you made Bruschetta. Get Creative!

I hope I was able to give you a few ideas on how to spend a dreary gloomy snow day. Happy lounging!


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