Get Felt: A Versatile Fabric

As I said I would in my article about the DIY Christmas, I’ll lend you an article about one of my favorite fabrics, felt. Loved by pool players, teachers and crafters, felt isn’t a fabric like others, it isn’t spun, woven, fed through a loom, or printed with pretty patterns. It’s not silky smooth, and you won’t find a couch upholstered in it. It’s bits of other fabrics, mainly wool that have been rubbed, and agitated together, and smooshed, to make felt. It’s inexpensive, sold in many colors, and available in craft stores, and many big box stores. It’s a great fabric for easy quick crafts, and I’ll share some of the fun ones here that i’ve found on the web.

The TV Screen: Here i’ve found a creative way to cover a flat screen TV, as not to let the dust settle on it: You can find the pattern here.

MP3 Player Cover: I posted this picture in my DIY Christmas blog, but I love it so much, I had to post it again.

Birdies! There are so many ways to make these little birds. With some buttons, thread, and embroidery floss you can make almost anything.

Owl puppets!

Trapped bird in a cage. I’m not sure of it’s purpose, but it’s adorable.

Owl Ornaments. Great for a tree. They’ll feel right at home.

I love these little owls. You can make them any size, and any color. You can make them into ornaments, or pillows.

Aren’t these little penguins adorable? I didn’t find a pattern, but that’s ok. I’m sure I could figure it out. Great stocking stuffer, or gift for the kid at heart.

Eye Glasses Holder: All you need is some felt, a few secondary colors, a button, and some embroidery floss, and you’re in business! Just click here for the pattern and instructions.

Love Crafts: There are many cute little things you can make for your loved ones, sweethearts, and for Valentine’s Day.

You can make this little Valentine’s day ornament easily. If you buy a little branch and put it in a vase and hang some of these off it, BAM! Valentine’s decorations!

Crafts for Kids, (or just the kid in you.) There are so many easy and fun things you can make with felt. I can’t fit them all into this page here, but I’ll try to post the best ones.

This adorable little craft is meant to be an Advent calendar. But you could really use it for any countdown, or just omit the numbers, and make it as an organizer.

These pin cushions can be used as actual pin-cushions, scented sachets for drawers, or just fun gifts. Use the same general shape to make a cupcake!

This kid’s crayon roll up is an easy way for your young one to carry their coloring tools around with them neatly. Just use pinking shears to zig zag the edges.

Felt lunch. You can forget the calories here, no need to count them when your lunch is made of felt!

Felt Yoda is easy to make, and fun for kids! See instructions here!

I love this little Robot with a big heart.

This is a great kid’s toy, plush little, well, I can assume it’s a bear, with a bird on it’s head.

Decor: There are many home decor items that you can make out of felt, it isn’t just for teachers and children!

I HAVE to make this pillow.

I want to make these little flowers. Looks like here they are used as magnets, and arranged to make a neat decorative fridge display. Make them in any color to represent a season, or feeling. Red for Valentines, yellow for spring, white for winter, or black for Halloween. I’m sure you could cut them in the shapes of leaves and make a neat autumn arrangement.

This looks easy enough… And so fun.

This wreath would work beautifully as a wedding decoration, Christmas decoration, or just an every day decoration.

There you have it! Some of the best felt gifts on the world wide web. I hope you get some inspiration and run down to the craft store, and whip up some soft and fuzzy creations all of your own! Happy Felting!


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