Photo Vacation: Paris, France

Ok, so it may seem like I’ve already written a post about Paris, because I have. This time it’s because I woke up this morning with a faint memory of a dream of Paris in my mind. Now, this isn’t nearly as glamorous as it seems… I woke up remembering that I was leaving for a flight that left in an hour, I haven’t packed, I don’t have a passport, and my homework required to get on the plane was due yesterday, and I hadn’t started it. Sounds like a typical dream, right? Well, it had me thinking, if I were to go to Paris, where would I go? How could I best utilize my time in another country to get the fullest experience out of my vacation? Well, here’s some of the things I would do.

Do you think I would miss this? The Eiffel Tower is a not to be missed destination.

Notre Dame. I would go here just to try to see the hunchback or maybe some talking gargoyles.

I would definitely take a Paris Walk to see some sites. I would love to take the Amelie Paris Walking Tour, and walk through the sites in the movie. And after seeing the episode of the Samantha Brown show on the Travel Channel taking place in Paris, I knew the Latin Quarter was also a place that I HAVE to go someday. It’s located on the Left bank of the Seine River.

A photo of the Latin Quarter.

Another Photo of the Latin Quarter.

Also located in the Latin Quarter, Shakespeare and Company is the oldest english bookstore in Paris. And for someone dating and English Major (who would be my travel companion) , you know I’d have to go here.

I would have to see the Arc De Triomphe. Beautiful at Christmas Time!

Riding the Metro would be a great (and fast) way to site see.

This is the inside of the Garnier Opera House in Paris. Breathtaking.

Taking a day or two to just walk around, taste the food, take a bunch of pictures, and talk to locals, as long as I can speak the language, would be a must.

As super creepy as this is, it’s a part of Paris’s History. It’s the underground Catacombs.

I would love to visit the little village of Montmartre.

The Stairs at Rue Foyatier in Montmartre.

This is tHE Boulangerie Eric Kayser, and supposedly is the best bakery in Paris. How could I resist?

This 100-year-old department store dedicates an entire floor to just gourmet food — over 300 varieties of cheese, 3,000 bottles of wine and a champagne counter.

Well, there are just a few of the things that I would have to see if I were in Paris, granted I had the time, and money. I would have to set aside a few weeks, I’m sure, and I would probably have to sign contracts with my family members that I was coming back, just in case I decide to stay. And hopefully the next time I’m thinking of Paris, and traveling there, I’ll have my passport, my luggage will be packed, and my homework will be done.

Happy travels!

P.S. After the fact sidenote: Movies you MUST SEE to get a good look inside Paris:

1. Amelie

2. Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen’s newest flick)

3. Ratatouille

4. Paris, I Love You

Great movies, I just saw Midnight in Paris this weekend, and fell in love even more with the beautiful city. The lights! The sights! The roaring 20’s!  Cheers! or, Au Revoir!


5 thoughts on “Photo Vacation: Paris, France

  1. To Whom it may concern, I would like to ask your permission to use the picture of the eiffel tower found on your website. I would only be using this for school work and it would not be uploaded to the public domain, this picture would be featured in a news letter that i am making for an IT project for my GCSE’s i would be very gratefull if i could feature this photo in my news letter. Many thanks Oli.

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