Creative Christmas Decorations

It’s Christmas time again and that means dragging out your old decorations that have been passed down to you from generations above yours so you can cherish the christmas spirit the way your elders did, with ornaments that bubble little colored water, velvet ribbons, and Bing Crosby. There are more of the old favorites, like the Grinch, hot chocolate with marshmallows, christmas music sang by Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Kermit the Frog. There’s the 24 hour showing of the Christmas Story, and of course, It’s a Wonderful Life, staring my favorite, Jimmy Stewart. Then there are going to be the traditions that you start for yourself, ones that you find you love year after year, and you found on your own, ones that your pep pep didn’t pass on. The ones that I remember are making and decorating sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and having spiced egg nog while having the Christmas Story on the television in the background. My family is small, and we don’t always get along, or make the effort to meet up, even for the Holidays. You can think it sad, but I also love to decorate my apartment alone, maybe with one other person and a bottle of wine. I like to bake, for the sake of baking, and give the treats away keeping only 1 or 2 for myself. I love to make gifts in my little “Elf Sweatshop” until Christmas morning, hand making presents to suit everyone’s tastes. I always find myself putting WAY more effort into the holidays then anyone else I know. I’d love to tone down the hand made gifts, and cooking and baking, the Ella Fitzgerald swinging Christmas album, but then I would be denying myself who I really am, and that’s not fair, is it? But back to what Christmas is about, decorating. I’m just kidding, but I really love to decorate, I am a designer after all! Why bother decorating when I rarely have anyone over to share? Because I love to come home at the end of the night, and with the flip of a switch, or the simple plugging in of a string of lights, the Christmas spirit is there in my apartment, and it’s a heart warming feeling. It’s my own personal Christmas. The one I created, the one I always wanted as a child but never got. No family fighting, no disappointment when you didn’t get to open a present, and just simple silence. Minus that time my cat tipped over the tree. But here i’d like to share with you some things i’ve come across that have made decorating easy and fun. Enjoy!

Hanging Bulbs from places other than your tree: You can hang a christmas bulb from a lampshade, a fireplace mantle, a chandelier, or a fun antique ladder or book case.

Hanging colorful bulbs from a curtain rod is a great way to add some cheer to your windows for all to see!

Using mirrors: You can use a smaller sized wall mirror on a tabletop to place your centerpiece on to really make it sparkle. You can also make sure to hang a mirror across from your christmas tree on the wall to reflect your lights into the room.

Use Paper: Using old newspapers make for a vintage inspired Christmas. You can find old paper that isn’t quite falling apart at antique malls and thrift stores. Use the paper to wrap a gift, and use jute for ribbon, and add a branch of a pine tree in there, or some vintage flatware as a bow. You can make paper trees, wreathes, and paper mache ornaments.

Paper Garland: Ever wonder what to do with your old greeting cards? I’ve seen it done where you can take some jute, and some cloths pins and string your cards over a doorway like garland. The more you get, the more you clip to the jute. Another thing you can do that’s similar to displaying your cards is to put little envelopes up instead. You can use them to count down to the days of Christmas and put little wishes, love notes, gift cards, or paper cut out crafts in each one.

Get Felt: There are enough awesome things to do with felt that i’ve found here that i’ll have to write another article dedicated entirely to the topic. But for now, i’ll just tap into the holiday aspect of felt fun.

Here’s a little fun home made felt ornament with a fearful eaten gingerbread man. Fun thing about felt: a needle and thread and a bottle of glue is really all you need to make fun things.

Here are a few fun gingerbread houses. This project uses some ribbon, felt, and embroidery floss.

There are many kinds of ornaments you can make with felt. This one would last through Valentine’s day!

Advent Calenders: What better way to count down to Christmas than with gifts every day? You can fill the daily holders with items from a dollar store, Target’s dollar area, or a candy store. Here are a few ideas.

I like this home made felt advent calendar. I like felt. Can you tell?

I know this one looks like a party is being thrown, but look at all the goodies in there! You don’t need a fireplace for this. A bookshelf, window sill, or entertainment unit would work.

There are a few ideas for you to start from, I’ll post more later when I can do them myself, and take pictures. Hopefully soon when I get my own place! Happy Holidays!


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