Second Hand Style

Imagine getting a cup of coffee on an early spring morning, grabbing the paper, flipping to the classifieds, and driving to the best sounding sales in the city. Estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, and the like are a great way to find one of a kind pieces, save money on bigger items, and help the environment by lessening your carbon footprint by not buying a brand new manufactured piece. You might have to scour the tables for a little while, and hit a few before you find a big bargain, but it’s worth it. Now, don’t think that because it’s not new, it won’t be as nice, as good, or as quality as a brand new item. You can most definitely decorate your home in style with second hand pieces, don’t be afraid to dig, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t find something you like right away.

Here are some cool things to look for second hand that you might not think of normally:

  • Fabric: for washing and quilting and crafting.
  • Picture frames- you can always change the picture, and large new ones are pricey.
  • Wooden pieces that are in fair to good shape- you can always fix a crack and stain a faded piece.
  • Accent pieces- Old Doorknobs, keys, and books make great decorative pieces.
  • Dishes that might have a broken piece in the set. You can still use the rest of the set to decorate or host a small party.

Just go ahead and see for yourself! It’s kind of like treasure hunting, and bringing home your reward is very… rewarding! Here are a few great examples.

I love the simplicity of this flea market chic room.

This bright and airy cottage is full of neat finds! Umbrella holder, antique wooden chair, picture frames, you name it!

This is a great example of a retro find. This table and chair set isn’t new, but it’s one of a kind!

This is a great example of finding a collection, and displaying it well. I love the hurricane lantern.

It’s ok to have different chairs at your table. Remember this kitchen?

That’s all I have for you right now, the rest is up to you. Happy hunting!


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