‘On The Set’ Design: “Amelie”

If you haven’t seen this charming little French movie staring the fabulous Audrey Tautou, you are truly missing out. Set in Montmarte in 1997, (but released in 2001) this movie follows heroine Amelie Poulain throughout her quest to change lives for the better, and find true love. The soundtrack is mesmerizing, the colors of the set are bright and optimistic, and the story is heart warming. I’ve collected some of the best pictures from this movie to share with you the charm of “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.”

This was one of the fantastic movie posters for Amelie. The red wallpaper is so French boudoir. The design scheme is very eclectic, and doesn’t really follow one style. Although it does look a little French Country with the animal prints and the piggy lamp.

The scene that starts the fabulous destiny… She hears of the death of Princess Di, and drops a bottle cap in the bathroom, busting loose a tile and revealing a box of a past tenant’s childhood treasures that she felt needed to be returned… The yellows, creams, and antiques are commonly used in french cottage designs.

Another view of the bathroom, with side lights, and wall cabinets.

Peeking into the hall from the front door… I love the traditionsl-meets-gothic styled patterned wallpaper, and red wood stain colors. It’s a little busy  and dark for my personal taste, but looks amazing here in the movie. It makes the apartment cozy and warm.

Clearly, this is the kitchen. It’s absolutely charming with the checker tile work, beaded curtain and open shelving. Amelie is a simple and lovely girl that doesn’t need a lavish and high tech kitchen to be happy, just minimal design, and necessities. Clearly red and yellow were the strongest used colors in the movie, with splashes of green and blue thrown in there.

This here is a better view of her apartment. You can see the beaded curtain, red and green accents, and many small accessories.

This photo just goes to show how much red was used in this movie. The blue lamp was added by using computer graphics to give the scene a little more color.

In this scene, the lamp bids her good night, and then shuts itself off. If only our lamps in real life knew when we fell asleep and shut them self off… How nice would that be? I love the collection of antiques here. Very charming. Here you also get a better look at her red and gold wallpaper, and red chair rail.

I love the cute little windowsill of plants and herbs. It’s in a little corridor where she can see her neighbors, and they can see her. And of course, she has a cat.

This is the cute little fruit and vegetable stand where Amelie’s crooked neighbor works. A lot of color splashes were added by computer after the fact to brighten up the movie and scenery.

As you can see, the real market isn’t quite as magical without the touch of film and computer adjustments, but the film has made the owner’s business more successful.

This picture is of Amelie working in the Two Windmills Cafe. I love this scene, and it’s computer graphics. She tries to tell Nino that she’s the girl he’s looking for, and when she chickens out, she turns to a puddle of water and splashes onto the floor. And even though the Two Windmills was fictional, Café des deux Moulins was real. After the filming of the movie, the owner changed his mind about selling the Cafe.

The real Café des deux Moulins.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, from this amazing set, and can draw some inspiration from the French apartment, Cafe, and other scenes that make up this quirky Romantic Comedy. Thank you to anyone I nabbed photos from, they are too fantastic to keep in one place. Happy decorating!


10 thoughts on “‘On The Set’ Design: “Amelie”

  1. Hey thanks for the pictures, im study cinematography and its very good post, hope u follow posting more about it, thanks

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