Making an Apron

I decided to make an apron the other day to keep my clothes from getting all full of flour and spatter when I cook and bake in the kitchen. I pulled my inspiration from this neat article about dress forms. I love the simplicity of the apron, and thought hey, I can do that. So I pulled my 35 gallon bin of fabric scraps out of the closet and went to work.

I wouldn’t mind having this as a dress actually, so maybe that will be my next feat. I knew that making an apron would be pretty easy, but with the materials that I had lying around, it was actually kind of interesting. I had some off white muslin laying around (about 1-2$ per yard at the fabric store) but for some reason mine was cut into 12″strips.So I had a kind of patchwork project to put it all together.

I then cut out the top bust piece by laying a dress I had, with a halter top, over the fabric, and cutting a loose 2 piece pattern that would overlap like inspirational apron.

I decided I wanted to have a pocket too… So I took an old towel that I purchased from Walmart or Target a while back that was the same color. But upon my boyfriend seeing the pocket and saying that “it looks weirdy” I then took the pocket off…

I did decide that I wanted a pocket after all, and added one made of the extra muslin scraps. I need somewhere to put my pencil! Wait, this isn’t a tool belt, although I kind of think of it that way…

After a lot of hemming, trimming, and ripping off pockets, I came up with a fine finished piece.

From the front…

… and the back!

There are so many cool aprons out there, if you google them you can get tons of inspiration, and with basic sewing skills, you can make almost any of them! Happy sewing/baking!


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