To Live and Dye…

So I decided to dye an old coat I had laying around black that was previously cream colored. I wanted to give it a new life, and had an old packet of “Rit” fabric dye, so I thought, what the hey? I followed instructions on how to use the powdered dye, filled a dish tub of water, and dunked the wet coat in the water, stirring for about 30 minutes, as directed. Since i’m not one who minds getting her hands dirty, I decided to just reach in and rinse the coat out, as directed, before washing it in the washer. The process of doing so left my fingers and fingernails gray and stained like a mechanic, or drug dealer you see in the movies. (I recommend rubber gloves.) After washing my new “black” coat in the washer with a small amount of laundry soap, and drying it in the dryer, my new coat looked almost… purple. And there were a few less then colored spots, and the back of it looks almost, well, acid washed or tie dyed… I think it looks pretty cool, since the cream threads didn’t change color, nor did the buttons, and it’s a multi colored/ gray-ish/ purple looking coat. All in all, If you want a black coat, buy one. I still think that the dye process was fun, seeing clothing change color, and I wouldn’t be against dying something a brighter color, like yellow, or green. That may turn out just fine! Like an old set of sheets, or white t-shirts. But for now, I’ll do without the black fingers.

Happy dying!


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