Organize Those Old Bags!

If you are like me, you have an overwhelming collection of shopping bags from the grocery store, and just shopping in general. I love to sew, so I found a way to keep all those plastic, paper, and fabric bags sorted so they aren’t shoved under the kitchen sink anymore….

All you need is about 2 yards of fabric, matching thread, and an old wooden hanger (best for support.) If you have a sewing machine this is a fairly easy project, and can be as complex as you like it to be, with adding other fabrics, pockets with pleats, and stretchy elastic tops.

Here’s my finished product. I’ll tell you how I did it all!

You’ll want to find a piece of fabric, something sturdy, I used canvas. You can also use anything strong enough to withstand ware and tear. The first piece should be cut it to the width of a hanger, (about 14-16″ wide) and as tall as you want it. Mine’s almost the height of the door, (about 5′) and wide enough to fit paper bags folded in half.

Then you should figure out how many pockets you want to have. I needed 4. One for paper, one for plastic, one for my shopping bags, and an extra that I ended up using for paper that we like to either put in the grill or wrap glass for moving.

Make sure you leave enough room for hems. I cut the fabric the width of the sorter, and was able to fold the sides in easily to attach to the base piece. You can sew the pockets to the tall piece in any fashion you like. I hemmed the top of the pocket, then sewed the bottom to the base piece, then sewed up the sides. I then ironed each piece to make sure it laid flat.

I made one of my pockets with a drawstring at the top, since I ran out of elastic and my original plan was to make one pocket with an elastic top to hold plastic bags. This pocket works better for old newspapers than plastic bags though!

To fit the top to the hanger, I had to fold the sides in just a little bit, since the hanger was a little more narrower than the bag sorter. All I did then was fold it over the hanger, make sure it hung straight, then sew it onto the hanger. You can use a flap with  buttons if you don’t want to sew it right to the hanger too.

I bought a Command sticky hook to put on the inside of our laundry room door to hang the bag sorter.

Once I hung the sorter, all I had to do was fill it with bags! I was able to clear out a large area under the kitchen sink too! I love to be organized…

Done! If you like to sew, you’ll find this project is pretty easy, and will help you stay organized! Happy sewing!


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