Old Picture Frames, New Ideas

I’m one to buy and collect things that are pretty even though I don’t know what I will do with them. I end up with an excess sometimes like with all these old picture frames. I found a few ways to decorate with them… Enjoy!

This is the arrangement above our bed in the apartment. I have put antique mirrors above the night stands to reflect the light from the lamps into the room at night.
I didn’t want to put photos of friends and family in the frames above the bed, looking at me while I’m sleeping, so I put pieces of my favorite fabric in a few of the smaller frames.

Here’s a recycled wood frame with a piece of gold silk fabric in it. I tried to match the fabrics to the larger photo in the center of the arrangement.
I had a leftover gold frame that I bought at Goodwill for the glass. I broke the glass in another frame of this size, and needed it to complete a birthday present. I didn’t want to throw away the frame part, because I thought I could do something with it. I hung it around the antique framed sheet-music I found years ago and put a ribbon on it to give it a softer look. I think it works nicely!

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