Records on the Wall

I saw this idea in a friend’s house, but on a much larger scale. She had these records from every decade on her wall at home from floor to ceiling, and with 12′ ceilings, that’s a lot of records! The boyfriend and I decided to take on this venture the other night, with attempt one looking WAY too cluttered, since we tried it with 3 rows of records, and the top row was about 6″ from the ceiling, and the bottom row was about 3″ from the couch… and took up almost the whole wall! I moved the records into just 2 rows

We took small brad nails and I used a level and a triangle to hang them at a proper angle. we started with one, and worked our way down the row one by one. Hammer the nails in at a downward angle to hold the record on the wall. You can get away with using only 2 nails per record if you do it right.

You can see the small nails in the center of the records.

I put the nails along the center of the records for the best leverage. You leave them sticking out of the wall about 1/4″ so you can place the records on them.

It’s easy to line up the records with a triangle and a level. You can hang one under the other very easily with just a pencil to mark where to hammer the nails.

The finished product!

Here would be my finished product! You can change out the records very easily since they aren’t nailed to the wall, but simply hanging on top of the nails. A great way to display any great record collection!


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