Meatless “Meat” Adventure…

Being a vegetarian is very new to me, but not to the boyfriend. I started it about 3 months ago. I tried it to see if I could do it for a month, as a challenge. It kind of stuck when I caved, ate a burger, and was almost immediately sick. I had to ween myself off of turkey though, since it was made at a family meal about a week into my meatless venture, and I couldn’t resist. It is kind of hard to eat good, healthy foods without meat involved, and cutting back on the cheese/carb combos wasn’t easy since it seemed like that’s all there was… But slowly I started to find more and more things at the store, and started to be more creative in cooking for us. But I guess we aren’t full fledged vegetarians, since we eat the occasional fish, tuna sandwich, and I love me some fish fry. But we don’t eat red meat, and poultry. But we love to grill out on the days when it’s gorgeous outside, and we have the night off. So we venture on down to the local grocery store (either Hy-vee or Woodman’s) and check out the vegetarian section. We found so much stuff, it makes eating meat seem, well, obsolete. Here are some of the things we found…

Wings and Ribs!

The wings were actually really good! They taste and feel like chicken, and the buffalo sauce that’s on them is really tasty. All we had to do is put them on tin foil, and put them on the grill, and flip them after like 5 or so minutes. The ribs were also really good. They had a soft and meat like texture, and tasted just like the good part of rib meat you would hope to get when you eat real ribs. We cooked them the same way we cooked the “wings” and added extra BBQ sauce.

Grilling our “meat”.

Be sure to spray the foil with Pam (not ON the grill) so the “meat” doesn’t stick.

My “wings”.

All we really had to do here was take them off the grill, remove the skewers, and enjoy!

Meatless Vegan Brats

Next I tried these “brats”. I thought they were vegetarian, but they turned out to be Vegan, which wasn’t a big deal. We had them on the grill for a while, since I like them well done. I have to say though, I was disappointed when it came to the flavor and consistency of the brats. They didn’t really have a casing on them, so they didn’t have that ‘pop’ that real brats do. They tasted like ground veggies too, and I’m guessing that if they were vegetarian, they would have had some kind of egg, cheese, or other dairy product in them, and they would have tasted way better. Not bad, but just ok. I was cooking the food, to look down and notice that the food was making a face. A sad little brat face:

Sad brat face.

The burger on the grill is your basic, (fantastic) Boca burger. Just add cheese, and you have a great grill meal. Ours stuck to the grill, so make sure you spray yours with non stick cooking spray. (Again, NOT over a flame.) Our next venture (about a week later) was to make some BBQ pork sandwiches that we found at Woodman’s. See below:

BBQ “pork” sandwiches.

All you had to do here was microwave, and you were done! Once on a bun, these sandwiches were absolutely deliciously amazing. No Joke. The texture was like pulled pork, and there were big chunks to bite into, not just little pieces and the BBQ had a great flavor. I highly recommend them, even to a meat eater. The good thing about this kind of sandwich is that it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth, and you feel good about having eaten it. There was enough in the pack for 4 small sandwiches on buns. We add a squeeze of our favorite BBQ sauce, and half a slice of provolone cheese to each sandwich.

All in all our meatless adventure was a success. Next I would like to try the package of “meatless beef ground” and make our own burgers with special seasonings, cheese and some onions too. I’ll keep you posted! Happy Grilling!


2 thoughts on “Meatless “Meat” Adventure…

  1. Nice! Next try kaboobs! Tofu marinated in agave, soy sauce and rice vinegar with red and green pepers, pinapple, and mushrooms is my favorite!

    We love to grill polenta and asparagus too!

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