Be Affordably Chic

In all my years as a thrift store scavenger, and bargain hunter, i’ve come across some really cool places to shop. Now, I know that everyone has their own shopping style. Some like brand new, some like vintage, some also like old and retro. I’m the kind of shopper that likes a combination of all three. I also know that as a more, shall we say, curvy kinda girl that it can be hard to find clothing that fits, looks great, and keeps looking great after it’s been washed. And if I find a pair of jeans that fits my many criteria, I swear that the clouds parted and a beam of angel light shown down on me that day. (Let’s say, it’s rare…)  So here are some of my shopping tips and tricks to be affordably chic.

Thrift Shopping!

ThriftGoodwill is an amazing store. Let’s suck in our pride and don’t be stingy, if you’re someone that won’t shop at thrift stores, you’re missing out! They have so many things, and i’m someone that likes to layer my cloths, and this is a great place to layer. I check their kids t-shirts for funny little gems, their lady’s sweaters for comfy cardigans, and their coats for rocking blazers.

St. Vincent De Paul’s– Very similar to Goodwill in the wide variety of second hand clothing, and they have an awesome “Retro” section. They have some great old band t-shirts, leather jackets, and really cool accessories. (Not to mention they are the king of Halloween Costumes) I scour there for shoes and t-shirts.

Savers is another awesome place to shop here in Madison. They have a huge selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, vintage jewelry, and when applicable, costumes.

The Salvation Army was a staple of my childhood. Not only did they have food there (Yep. Morning pastries.) But I used to make a job out of hunting their racks one by one for awesome deals and vintage pieces.

The Hospice Care Thrift Store on Junction Road is a great little place to shop for unique pieces. They have really inexpensive jewelry, and tons of sweaters and shoes, amongst other things.

Another Collection from

Second Hand/ Gently UsedRe-Threads is an awesome new store on State St. with some really cool second hand cloths, a bunch of retro goods, and accessories.

Platlo’s Closet is hands down, one of my favorite places to shop. They have gently used name brand clothing, and I LOVE to shop there for jeans. They have what fits me for a fraction of the price, and they are broken in already.

The Pink Poodle is a good place for designer and upscale fashionable re-sale clothing and other goods. Check them out!

Ragstock on State St is a great place to go for funky new and used items. They have a ton of cool used items in great condition, a bargain basement, and low priced new items.

Boomerang Resale Shop at 1133 N. Sherman Ave in Madison sounds like a great resale shop, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t been there myself. I will definitely check it out, since I read great reviews about it.

A great example of thrifty layering- Nichole Richie

Vintage/ Retro: June 3 is a little yellow place right off of state street on Johnson street, (rightfully called an “eclectic emporium” )and they have some really unique vintage and unique finds. From hats, to Cowboy boots, to hundreds of vintage tees, costumes, and  you won’t be disappointed by coming here. Just be careful if you park out front, there is a tow away zone!

The Good Style Shop on 402 E. Washington here in Madison Wi has a great selection of Vintage Clothing.

Circa Vintage on 825 E. Johnson Street has a modern, and urban-y vibe. Here you’ll find vintage dresses, bags, shoes, and other accessories.

Aura is a clothing store for men and women at 449 State St. The clothes are all used or vintage. They have large collections from the 40’s to the 80’s. You can find a lot of interesting items to add to your wardrobe and the prices are great.

If you are ever in LaCrosse, you MUST visit a little shop downtown called Vintage Vogue. I remember going here when I was a teen, and buying most of my wardrobe here. It’s cheap, has totally unique pieces, and separates their cloths by era. That’s right. ERA. They also have old wedding dresses, suits, embroidered hankies, and veiled 1930’s hats. It’s awesome.

Vintage and Classy!

New– Although it doesn’t always fit in my budget, i’m a huge fan of the fashion and style at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Bop, all located on or off of State Street here in Madison. If you make it down to State Street the third weekend in July, you’ll hit a little outdoor shopping festival called “Maxwell Street Days”. You’ll be able to find all your favorite store’s goodies for super cheep deals during this large sidewalk sale that goes all weekend.

You guessed it… The Mall. The mall has a ton of clothing stores. But where to start? I love to shop at Charlotte Rousse, they have a ton of really cool urban style clothing for low prices. The best jeans for me are found at Maurices ($30 or less) and American Eagle ($40 or less). I love shopping at H&M (cheap, and meets a ton of different styles) and Forever 21 (so cheap, and tons of styles and accessories).

I hope I hit all the good ones, and if you have any suggestions, I’m open to hear them! Happy shopping!


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